Sunday, July 8, 2007

Woohoo! New fabric is here!

Damn, has super fast shipping. I swear, I ordered and it was here in an hour. Ok, maybe not that fast, but still impressive. Of course, there are very few things that excite me more than new fabric so I had to get to sewing right away.
I made this bag last night and also finished another one that I need to post once I get pics today. I thought it would sell right away on Etsy because Amy Butler is so popular and there are very few bags out there right now with the Nigella fabric, but I guess I was wrong. The fabric is more expensive, almost twice as much as AB's other fabrics, because it's decor weight. So, the higher price is of course, reflected in the price of the bags so that may put them out of some buyers' price range.
On a side note, Bella, my 3 1/2 year old has been insisting on posing with the bags when I take pictures. Of course I won't include the pics in my Etsy listings but might share them here.

Friday, July 6, 2007

New fabric on the way:)

In an effort to prove I'm not taking a break from sewing forever, I've ordered new fabric. It's from Amy Butler's new Nigella collection and is slowing being released to stores bit by bit so I don't know when I'll get my entire order. I love the earthy colors with little pops of brighter colors.

I fully intended to get back to sewing this week but just haven't been able to. I don't know if my children are just more active and destructive than ever right now or I've been spending too much time enjoying the outdoors, but our house (and it's lack of organization) is still in need of attention. Today's goal is to find the source of the stank in the pantry. Anyone want to make a guess? Maybe tonight I can whip something up in the sewing room:)