Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love gnomes

If I were single, I think I'd decorate my house in gnomes, mushrooms, polka dots, and little birdies. I suppose I could go with that decorating scheme while married but I probably wouldn't be married for long. I think the aqua and red polka dot bedroom makeover pushed Crafty Papa right to his limit.

Last week I decided I needed a new bag and as a treat for myself, I'd actually pick out fabric and a design just for me instead of taking a reject or defect bag. Here's what my heart settled on.

Need a closer look?

I'm guessing about 95% of you are barfing right about now. It definitely takes a "special" person to carry a gnome bag and I think that "special" person is me. I told Crafty Papa I think it says, "I'm just crazy enough that you should probably back off."

I couldn't be happier with it. I think my friend, Lena, is the only other person in the world I can imagine who might like it too but she has a bag with frogs and spiders so there you go. I got the fabric from Jona at Fabritopia and she's recently lowered prices so you should definitely check her out.

Gnomes not your taste? Here's a more "subtle" bag I listed today.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Necklaces

I know I'm being redundant, but I really, really love these necklaces. I promise I'll post about something else someday.

I encounter a lot of different types of people at work from all over the world really and get compliments from a wide variety (although strangely, none from a certain locale about two hours away that loves fake nails, rhinestones, platform flip flops and velour jogging suits-I could go on but I'll stop).

I have more to list in my shop later today or tomorrow but I had to try on this one with my outfit just to prove 1. How cute it is. And 2. That I should be keeping it because it matches me perfectly today.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jona's Apron Pattern

I believe I've referenced her pattern about a dozen times but never actually reviewed it here or shared the most adorable pictures of Tatey in her apron:) This is Jona's Shop Girl Apron pattern and it's fabulous! I had the privilege of testing the pattern before it was released a few months ago. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the bias tape. Bias tape was my enemy. So much so that I had never even attempted a pattern with bias tape.

But Jona's pattern was seriously easy. In fact, making Matea's apron took just under an hour and a half and that included reading through the pattern for the first time and just getting familiar with things. I thought the pattern was very clear, even for a beginner and Jona's illlustrations are great. She's always helpful about answering questions.

I think the Shopgirl Apron pattern is a must buy for ay seamstress. It's perfect for gifts and can be easily tweaked to personalize it a bit (for instance, I added a shabby ruffle to the top of the pocket on Bella's apron and a shabby flower to the pocket on my boss' apron). Best of all, it's on sale right now for only $4.80. $4.80! Such a steal.
Wow, has it really been two weeks since I've posted? As you might have guessed, things have been busy. I been working extra hours at Carters and I also picked up a little work from home job doing some sewing for a local seamstress with a successful business making accessories and some items for the home. All this workin' hasn't left a lot of time for blogging or making stuff for myself or shop but I did manage to fit in two handmade gifts.

First, an apron for my boss at Carters. She's picky and our tastes are usually completely opposite. I stressed so much over this. I initially picked out some fabrics from Sandi Herderson's Meadowsweet collection in lime, teal, and orange and then thought that may be too much for her so I scratched that and went with Amy Butler. Her mom got her a teal and orange kitchen rug that matches my initial idea so now she wants to see the other apron too. Go figure!

I couldn't resist adding a shabby flower to the pocket. I know it's more me than my boss but since I made the gift, it's ok for it to be a little me, right?

Next I made this sweet little outfit for Matea's friend, "School Bella". To be completely honest, it was made out of necessity. I had a lot of birthday gifts to get this month and no extra budget so I had to be resourceful and make things when I could. I had a bunch of this Amy Butler fabric and got the cotton tank top for $3 at Walmart. So for about an hour of my time and just $3, an adorable, one of a kind little girls' outfit. Her mom loved it and I can't wait to see her in it!

I'm going to be spring cleaning my shop this morning and adding a few more items to the clearance category so be sure to check out the updates!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Necklaces

I've had a few requests for more shabby flowers necklaces (emails and real live people:) ). So, since yesterday was an absolutely perfect day here, I gathered up my jewelry supplies and camped out in the front yard making necklaces while the girls played.

In the end, I decided two things. 1. I really, really love these necklaces. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I wear mine all the time. I wore it to work yesterday. And the day before. And two days before that. Shameful. I probably should keep at least one of these new ones so I can work something new into the rotation but mama needs a jogging stroller so in the shop they go. Oh and 2. We really need a tree in our front yard.

For your purchasing pleasure (at only $18 each!)...

I really hope to continue listing new things every week. Sales have actually picked up a little and I'm having fun trying things other than bags. Only another week and a half of crazy Carters work hours and then I'll be back to my regular manageable schedule and will have some more time to be creative. Or more time to stay on top of housework.