Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday's Bag

Made with fabric from Heather Bailey's new Fresh Cut line. The pattern is really big and bold so I went with a really simple design on the bag to just showcase the fabric. The fabric was left over from a nursing cover I did as a custom order so this will be my one and only bag with this fabric (but I do have the same pattern in two other color schemes).

A post for the Nosey Rosie's

I guess crafters get really excited about seeing the workspace of other crafty people. Hang on to your hats, because mine is pretty amazing. Ok, it's really sad and boring. I had grand plans for paint, etc. when we moved in but I've since learned (2 1/2 years later) that children and home improvement projects don't go together. Maybe someone will see these pics (hopefully someone I know, like a grandparent) and feel bad for me and volunteer to come hang with the girls for a weekend so Steve and I can tackle the craft room. I really feel like I need to completely empty out the room and start fresh, sort of "Clean Sweep" style.

And I should mention, these are pics in what I would call a "highly clean state". The craft room rarely looks like this. I'm sure my friend Keeley is experiencing rapid heart rate as she realizes this is my idea of clean. Keeley, contact my friend Lena, you guys can go in together on a Merry Maids gift certificate.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

My other addiction

In addition to sewing (and buying fabric), I'm totally addicted to scrapbooking. I have a whole group of "internet friends" that I chat with online about scrapbooking, our kiddos, etc. I'm trying out this new idea where I actually scrapbook more than buy scrapbooking supplies. Crazy, I know. I've been able to sneak into the craft room off and on today and do a few layouts for Tater Tot's book.

New bags

I've been sewing like crazy for the last week, making up for lost time when my sinus infection was kicking my butt a few weeks ago. Anyhow, here are some of my new listings. I'm loving the look of the ruffled strips of fabric (I refuse to call them "ruffles). Feminine, yet sort of rustic with frayed edges and not-so-straight stitching.

I guess I'm supposed to start blogging???

So, apparently I'm the last person in the world of crafters and artists to realize that I'm supposed to have a blog. I've been doing the Crafty Mama Creations bag making gig for two years now and just found out in the last month that everyone but me has a blog where they showcase their work, discuss favorite companies, talk about the weather, etc. So here goes...

The weather was great yesterday, gloomy today. Not interesting enough for you? Ok, lets see. I've recently given up listing on Ebay. Too many sellers who make the same, totally unoriginal products over and over again. I was introduced to a newer site,, that caters only to people offering their own handmade items. A much more unique, artsy-fartsy, creativity inspiring site. Anyhow, I started listing my bags there a few months ago and have been fairly successful so far. I'm finding that my bags made with Amy Butler fabrics consistently sell better than anything else so I'll probably start limiting my fabric stash to her fabrics with just a few more fun and funky fabrics here and there.