Monday, April 30, 2007

A post for the Nosey Rosie's

I guess crafters get really excited about seeing the workspace of other crafty people. Hang on to your hats, because mine is pretty amazing. Ok, it's really sad and boring. I had grand plans for paint, etc. when we moved in but I've since learned (2 1/2 years later) that children and home improvement projects don't go together. Maybe someone will see these pics (hopefully someone I know, like a grandparent) and feel bad for me and volunteer to come hang with the girls for a weekend so Steve and I can tackle the craft room. I really feel like I need to completely empty out the room and start fresh, sort of "Clean Sweep" style.

And I should mention, these are pics in what I would call a "highly clean state". The craft room rarely looks like this. I'm sure my friend Keeley is experiencing rapid heart rate as she realizes this is my idea of clean. Keeley, contact my friend Lena, you guys can go in together on a Merry Maids gift certificate.

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jona said...

I'm so glad that is not it's normal state, I was starting to freak out at it's neatness! My sewing "studio" (makes it sound official) is covered with thread and scraps (and toys, and videos, and "hey, can you hem these pants for me..." stuff!).