Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Satisfied Customers

Another round of cuteness!!! This is Andrew and Leo with their trick or treat bags. Seriously, how adorable are they?! I love Leo's tiny feet and head barely poking out from behind his bag. Did you buy a trick treat bag from Crafty Mama? We'd love to add a pic of your cutie with his or her bag to our blog. Email me at

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Satisfied Customer

This is my friend Keeley's son, Nathan. She ordered a trick or treat bag for him and he liked it so much, he slept with it. How sweet is that? And don't you love the way he's posing, holding the bag perfectly on his arm? Too cute!
Keeley is now an honorary employee of Crafty Mama Creations. She's the marketing department. Seriously, this girl knows how to stir up some business. She's even advertising my bag site and scrapbooking site in her profile on an online forum we belong to. Not only is she a great customer, she's turning Crafty Mama into some kind of cult that she's constantly recruiting members for. She just keeps sharing pics of Nathan looking cute with his bag until people buy one. Thanks Keels!
I used to make fun of Steve because he developed all of these online friendships in off roading forums he frequents. Now I'm eating my words because I've become great friends with two people from Babycenter's Scrapbooking board. We chat almost every day and are hoping to meet each other in person next spring. I really do consider them close friends and feel free to discuss anything with them. They make being a stay at home mom so much easier because when the going gets tough (and trust me, some days are tough), I just hop online and check in with the girls. They tell me which bags they love, what styles they like and I really value their opinions. Is this getting too touchy/feely for you? Ok, I'll stop.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recent Bags

Here are a few bags I've posted in the last few days. I love the Amy Butler Nigella one (pink and green floral) and am really surprised it hasn't sold already. I'm starting to wonder if buying so much of the Nigella fabric was a mistake. It's almost twice as expensive as her regular quilting fabrics so of course the bag has to be more expensive as well. I guess people just aren't willing to pay that much or maybe the whole Amy Butler craze is over? And I'm having a really hard time working with the fabrics. The scale on the prints is much larger than I thought so it makes it hard to plan out the layout of the bag. Enough complaining. I have some new fall fabrics on the way from my favorite craft site, I don't really have room for them so I may try to sort through my stash this weekend and list a fabric lot on Ebay.
Oooooo, and a note on the trick or treat bags...I really only have enough fabric to do 8 or so in each pattern and then they're gone. The place where I bought the fabric is sold out now in each of the patterns and doesn't know whether they'll be getting any more. So, if you want one, buy it now.

Crafty Papa?

Oh no he di-ent! Last week was our 7th wedding anniversary and my husband totally showed me up. We don't really do gifts but always exchange cards. I usually make his and he usually buys me a funny card and then writes a really nice message inside. Well, this year he totally surprised me by welding a card for me. I had no idea he was so crafty and creative. It has our initials with a heart in the middle, a "7" on the heart for the number of years we've been married, and two small hearts at the top for each of the girls. And, he made the center heart a magnet. He's sometimes so practical, it drives me nuts.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My wild model

I listed the trick or treat bags on Etsy a few days ago and wanted to take a picture of Bella holding her bag to give buyers a better idea regarding size. It used to be that she wouldn't smile and whined the entire time I was trying to photograph her with one of my creations but this time, she wanted the pictures to be all about her. I had a terrible time getting her to hold the bag so I could see it, she just wanted me to take pictures of her. Then she decided she was going to pose how she wanted to. Arms in the air, twirling, etc. Her new favorite phrase is, "No, I'm gonna tell you how I'm gonna do it."

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coming Soon

Hopefully I can get these listed on Etsy in the next day or two. Personalized trick or treat bags in four different styles.

Crafty Mama's Still Alive

I haven't been sewing much lately. Bella's only in school two afternoons a week now so that cuts down on my sewing time and I just haven't been feeling very creative or motivated. I finished up a custom order for my mom last week, a baby shower gift for one of her coworkers. I'm hoping to list some personalized onesies and burp cloths on Etsy later today and will also be listing some Halloween and Christmas goodies so check back in the next few days.