Friday, August 17, 2007

A Satisfied Customer

This is my friend Keeley's son, Nathan. She ordered a trick or treat bag for him and he liked it so much, he slept with it. How sweet is that? And don't you love the way he's posing, holding the bag perfectly on his arm? Too cute!
Keeley is now an honorary employee of Crafty Mama Creations. She's the marketing department. Seriously, this girl knows how to stir up some business. She's even advertising my bag site and scrapbooking site in her profile on an online forum we belong to. Not only is she a great customer, she's turning Crafty Mama into some kind of cult that she's constantly recruiting members for. She just keeps sharing pics of Nathan looking cute with his bag until people buy one. Thanks Keels!
I used to make fun of Steve because he developed all of these online friendships in off roading forums he frequents. Now I'm eating my words because I've become great friends with two people from Babycenter's Scrapbooking board. We chat almost every day and are hoping to meet each other in person next spring. I really do consider them close friends and feel free to discuss anything with them. They make being a stay at home mom so much easier because when the going gets tough (and trust me, some days are tough), I just hop online and check in with the girls. They tell me which bags they love, what styles they like and I really value their opinions. Is this getting too touchy/feely for you? Ok, I'll stop.

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Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

What a cutie! Hopefully I will have 2 more 'model's' for you soon! LOL!