Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recent Bags

Here are a few bags I've posted in the last few days. I love the Amy Butler Nigella one (pink and green floral) and am really surprised it hasn't sold already. I'm starting to wonder if buying so much of the Nigella fabric was a mistake. It's almost twice as expensive as her regular quilting fabrics so of course the bag has to be more expensive as well. I guess people just aren't willing to pay that much or maybe the whole Amy Butler craze is over? And I'm having a really hard time working with the fabrics. The scale on the prints is much larger than I thought so it makes it hard to plan out the layout of the bag. Enough complaining. I have some new fall fabrics on the way from my favorite craft site, I don't really have room for them so I may try to sort through my stash this weekend and list a fabric lot on Ebay.
Oooooo, and a note on the trick or treat bags...I really only have enough fabric to do 8 or so in each pattern and then they're gone. The place where I bought the fabric is sold out now in each of the patterns and doesn't know whether they'll be getting any more. So, if you want one, buy it now.

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