Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love gnomes

If I were single, I think I'd decorate my house in gnomes, mushrooms, polka dots, and little birdies. I suppose I could go with that decorating scheme while married but I probably wouldn't be married for long. I think the aqua and red polka dot bedroom makeover pushed Crafty Papa right to his limit.

Last week I decided I needed a new bag and as a treat for myself, I'd actually pick out fabric and a design just for me instead of taking a reject or defect bag. Here's what my heart settled on.

Need a closer look?

I'm guessing about 95% of you are barfing right about now. It definitely takes a "special" person to carry a gnome bag and I think that "special" person is me. I told Crafty Papa I think it says, "I'm just crazy enough that you should probably back off."

I couldn't be happier with it. I think my friend, Lena, is the only other person in the world I can imagine who might like it too but she has a bag with frogs and spiders so there you go. I got the fabric from Jona at Fabritopia and she's recently lowered prices so you should definitely check her out.

Gnomes not your taste? Here's a more "subtle" bag I listed today.


Tonya said...

You never fail to crack me up LOLOL I think your gnome bag is really cute : D

Kristi said...

Is it an unwritten rule thatt I must LOVE every Kristi bag you make? LOL

Ashley said...

Dude! That fabric is super cute and the bag is even cuter! I say rock it and nuts to anyone who gives you a raised eyebrow! Great job!

Marie said...

I think it's cute! And I love your new necklaces! You crack me up too, I was missing your blog posts for a while there when you were busy at work. :)