Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Updates Galore

First, just updated my shop with this sweet little doll.

It's been so long since I've made one, but I had a custom order for a doll and decided to make a second one for my shop. So glad I did because she's super sweet and now I definitely have the itch to make more.

Next update...I'm leaving my job at Carters. As awesome as my boss has been about working with my schedule and respecting the fact that I'm a stay at home mom first, it's just been getting increasingly difficult to feel like I'm being the best mom and wife I can be while working nights and weekends. As the girls get older, they're getting involved in more activities and the school Bella will attend next year has lots more for kids and parents to be involved in than her current school. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to work from home present itself so I'll have a lot more flexibility with my schedule and not have to completely give up my part-time income.

The change in employment also means that I'll be able to focus on Crafty Mama Creations more and really work on growing my business. I'm open for custom orders now and will be listing new creations a lot more frequently once I'm done at Carters in a few weeks.

I created a Facebook Fan Page for Crafty Mama Creations so be sure to check it out and "like" me. I'm going to stop sending out newsletters for sales, new products, etc. and instead just post updates on Crafty Mama Creations' Facebook page. Once I get 50 "friends", I'll do a fabulous giveaway so be sure to suggest the page to your friends.

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