Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Nicey Jane Clutches

All cut, ironed, and awaiting zippers.

All of the zippers I have are an inch too short. I wish I could remember what I bought them for or why I didn't design the clutches to work with them. Question...should I do wrist straps on these or not?

Random Fact: I eat popcorn almost every day. Literally. At least 5 out of seven days a week. When I make my weekly grocery list, I have all of the usual staples like milk, bread, juice, apples and then randomly, popcorn.
There are several rules for popcorn in our house. Must be air popped, only real butter, and light on the salt. Crafty Papa seems to be unable to follow these rules so he's on popcorn making probation. Acceptable additions to the bowl are cinnamon sugar, m&m's, and chocolate chips.

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