Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jona's Apron Pattern

I believe I've referenced her pattern about a dozen times but never actually reviewed it here or shared the most adorable pictures of Tatey in her apron:) This is Jona's Shop Girl Apron pattern and it's fabulous! I had the privilege of testing the pattern before it was released a few months ago. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the bias tape. Bias tape was my enemy. So much so that I had never even attempted a pattern with bias tape.

But Jona's pattern was seriously easy. In fact, making Matea's apron took just under an hour and a half and that included reading through the pattern for the first time and just getting familiar with things. I thought the pattern was very clear, even for a beginner and Jona's illlustrations are great. She's always helpful about answering questions.

I think the Shopgirl Apron pattern is a must buy for ay seamstress. It's perfect for gifts and can be easily tweaked to personalize it a bit (for instance, I added a shabby ruffle to the top of the pocket on Bella's apron and a shabby flower to the pocket on my boss' apron). Best of all, it's on sale right now for only $4.80. $4.80! Such a steal.


Drinking Pink Stars said...

Glad to hear the instructions were easy as I find that small companies that make patterns are hard to follow and I usually end up fixing the instructions. Cute apron!!

roxybonds said...

Super cute! I've been wanting to make some for the kiddos! I am going to try this out soon :)

jona said...

Thank you Kelci! It the pattern is easy it's because I had such awesome pattern testers!! You were a huge help!