Sunday, May 6, 2007

Birthday bag and a little story

Against my better judgement, I made this bag for my sister in law's birthday without any input from her on style, fabric, etc. I LOVE how it turned out (I'm not sure she did though) and plan to try out this new circle applique style with a few other fabrics.

Now, onto the story... A few years ago I decided to make my friend, Alissa, a bag for her birthday. I couldn't have gotten it more wrong. Bright colors, bold and funky patterns, everything I love and Alissa hates. Looking back now, I don't know what I was thinking. She and I always joke about how our tastes are completely different so I should have gone with the opposite of my gut instinct. Kind of like that episode of "Seinfeld" where George decides to do the complete opposite of what he feels and walks up to a beautiful woman and says, "My name is George. I'm bald, unemployed, and live with my parents. Want to go out sometime?". I digress. Alissa ended up telling me the bag wasn't her style, I was crushed, and vowed to never blindly make a bag like that again. I've done several gift bags since then but have always gotten some level of input from the recipient on color, style, etc. Anyway, back to the point...I was brave and made this bag without any input from sister in law and am still not sure which way it went. Really couldn't tell if she loved it as much as I do or was sickened by the crazy combination of patterns.

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