Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What I worked on last week

I swear I wasn't just sitting on my ass last week. I didn't sew as much as I'd like to but I was able to complete a custom order for one of my mom's teacher friends and a monogrammed bag for my niece's birthday. I liked the bag so much, I made one for myself and already used it for an out of town trip last weekend. We'll be out of town yet again this weekend so no sewing for a few days. Side note about Crafty Mama...I hate traveling. I think the fact that it takes a half a day to pack and then what seems like a week to unpack (when you have young kids) just ruins the whole idea of travel being fun. That, and we don't really go anywhere fun. Just to the hotter than hell central valley to visit family. Ok, enough ranting, I'll just try to focus on looking forward to our camping trip in August.

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