Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Headboard

Wanna know a secret? Crafty Papa and I have never had a real bed. I mean, we have a bed frame but we've never had a bed with a headboard and foot board. In every house we've lived in, our master bedroom sort of looks like we just finished college and have no money. Now only half of that statement is true:)

I pinned this headboard and knew we could make it for almost-free...

The new place we call home has hidden treasures all over the property. We've found an old wood burning stove that we use in the back yard, another wood burning stove that was rotting but Pops used the legs as a base for an outdoor table, a washing machine tub for campfires, old metal fencing I used for a jewelry organizer, vintage pencils and bottles, the cutest vintage metal cart and tons and tons of old wood.

This project couldn't have been easier. We picked out wood planks that were still in decent condition and gave them a good brushing to get rid of debris. Then we gently screwed them onto anchoring strips (and I really do mean gently, the screws just barely go into the wood planks because we didn't want to risk splitting them).

I used my Cricut to cut out the "Mr." and "Mrs." stencils and used paint I had left over from another project. I couldn't adhere the stencil to the wood because it was so rough so I dabbed the paint on instead of brushing.

Our only cost was the hardware to hang it. Not too shabby. It makes a big impact in our bedroom and definitely makes it feel more finished.

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Tammy C. said...

I love it..I want to do some kind of headboard in our spare bedroom and this is a great idea! Was excited to see you were back to blogging! Congrats on your new home!