Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Super Cute (Kid) Dress

I'm almost out of magnetic snaps and bag sales are slow for everyone right now so I can't really justify restocking at the moment. So, I thought I'd switch gears and sew some clothing today.

I love this set so much, I want to keep it for Matea. Luckily, I successfully reminded myself that she refuses to wear almost anything I make (unless she has creative input) and the only reason I was able to get pics of her for the listing is because I offered chocolate in exchange for her services.

I had forgotten how fun it is to sew sweet little baby clothing. I'm thinking this fabric for tomorrow's listing.


Marie said...

I love this set...it is so cute! It looks like you shirred it which is a technique I've yet to try.

I bribe my kids for pics every time too...it's usually icebreaker sours.

roxybonds said...

Very cute!!!! Love the red/floral one too!

(we're in bigger sizes now, in case you were wondering ;)