Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Mama

Crafty Mama has been more like Busy Mama lately. A few weeks ago, we decided to list our house for sale. That means that we've been frantically spending the last two and a half weeks cleaning, purging, touching up, organizing, and rearranging. My sister is our listing agent and can you believe she had the nerve to tell me I really needed to clean up my craft room? Did I mention that you couldn't even see the carpet when I showed her the room?

Anyway, in addition to touching up paint, taking my "Crafty Mama" vinyl letters off of the wall, filing all of the paperwork strewn about, and paring down the items on my work tables, I decided to try and soften the space a bit. Since it's used strictly as the office/craft room, there wasn't bedding or anything really comfortable and colorful in the room. I bought a $3 cheap curtain rod at Walmart, a $3 flat sheet that I cut in half, self-adhesive velcro that we already had, and a set of $7 pillowcases that I sewed together and turned into a valance.

Not too shabby for $13.

Then I decided that if a prospective buyer opened the closet and was knocked over by a pile of fabric spilling out, that might work against us. So I hauled all of my fabric out to the livingroom this morning and started sorting. In addition to making a pile to give to a friend, I worked and pairing up coordinating fabrics for bags so when I'm in the mood to sew, I can just grab them and get to work. It also makes it easier to see what I need to get coordinates for. I went through my scraps and made a pile of pink and a pile of red. I'm going to use these to make scrap quilts for the girls as their Christmas gift from mama. I've also really been wanting to make a quilt with Urban Chicks Swell and Sweet fabrics and wouldn't you know, I found a whole bunch of scraps and large pieces in my stash!

All this time spent on my craft room has motivated me to sew. I've listed two bags in the last two days which is a huge feat for me these days. I really like the size and shape of both of them and might have to keep one as my own since I desperately need a new bag. I did some free motion quilting on both of them because that's my new addiction I need to maintain.


Marie said...

I love the second bag with the webbing. It's nice and neutral. Wow! You do have a lot of scraps, at first glance I thought you posted a pic of your laundry pile in the living room, but all that is scraps? Scraps go a long way, but I really want to get rid of mine.

Are you guys moving elsewhere?

Kristi said...

Wait...whhhaaaatttt??? You're selling? I guess I need to email you later...

Room looks good with your $13 makeover!

jona said...

Wow! What a great (thrifty) makeover!! Where are you moving??

Julia said...

those bags are gorgeous!! and congrats on moving!!