Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I started cutting fabric yesterday for Bella's pink quilt that I plan on giving her for Christmas. When I finished my quilt last month, she begged me to make one for her and I can only hope she still wants one that badly 5 months from now when Christmas rolls around.

I bought this pattern from an Etsyer. It's super detailed. Like, excessively so. I was looking for something random and scrappy and even though I think the finished quilts in the listing pictures look that way, it's actually a very planned design. So, I'm just very loosely following the pattern, basically using it for measurements here and there but I was much more random with my block layout. I definitely want to try the pattern again using actual coordinating instead of scraps like I am with this one.

I'm struggling with what color fabric to use for the sashing. I was originally thinking a brown with tiny white polka dots since a lot of the fabrics have brown in them too. But I think chocolate brown might make the overall quilt look too dark.

I was going to make each of the girls a small lap quilt but decided that I might as well do twin size so they can use them on their beds if they want to. So, now I'm leaning toward just using a cream sashing so hopefully the quilts can be a little more versatile decorating wise in their bedrooms. Any ideas or feedback on sashing?


Anonymous said...

I'd do white or cream...I have seen some quilts with bold fabrics like you are using (Pop Garden, to be specific), where they used white for the sashing and it looked great. Really made the fabrics stand out. And, it's a more fresh and clean look. This is going to be adorable! Wish I could sew/quilt:)

Natalie Stewart Graham

Jill VanderWier said...

I'm making a pink quilt too, from all old bridesmaids dresses. I was going to do brown or black edging, but I agree with you that it might be too bold. I'm looking at white or cream now too.

tscrapper said...

I agree w/ white or cream. Wish I could sew/ quilt, too, but I'm hoping to learn soon!

Kristi said...

I agree with the white or cream. But mostly, I wanted to say that I love that quilt and I love pink. *sigh*

Jenny said...

White or cream may get dirty quickly. I think it would look really sweet with light pink and white polka dots.