Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can't. Stop. Sewing.

I've been feeling especially crafty lately. But since Etsy shop sales are super slow, I've been taking advantage of time to sew for the fam. In an effort to make my wardrobe less boring, I've been scoping out lots of blogs with fun and thrifty refashions. You must check out Crafterhours which has some super cute ideas like this tshirt redo.

Started as a plain grey tshirt and now it's been perked up with side panels and a fabric flower (that match the curtains in my livingroom!). Honest thoughts? Too homemade looking? The flower is really flat right now but will perk up with washing.

You can also see a sweet little dress I made for Matea last night. She loves this fabric that I got a few years ago for just a few dollars a yard when my mom's local Joann's was closing. I had the green and white floral left over from a custom order apron so Tatey ended up with a sundress she loves for just about $3. Can't beat that!

I'm feeling so inspired, I'm off to work on a fabric necklace before heading off to work tonight. But first, a shout out to Arkansas. I got the most thoughtful and HUGE package in the mail today from someone special there who included this Arkansas tshirt for me. I'll wear it when I get my walk on at the beach on Thursday and pretend like I'm seeing the ocean for the first time. Thank you so much my sweet, southern friend! I miss you! Lots and lots of love!

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Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

LMAO! I love it!

Love the Arkansas shirt too! :) Hee.