Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Kid...

makes me so happy. She's a mama's girl through and through and knows just how to manipulate me. She's silly and funny and has a really wild and entertaining imagination.

After boycotting anything made by mommy, she has suddenly decided that wearing Mama Creations is acceptable. I made her this dress yesterday and she said, "Oh, I love it! It's so beautiful, I'm going to wear it for every Christmas!". This dress is so easy to make, I really think even an extremely novice seamstress could handle it. Oh wait, that's me!

I'm so enjoying sewing for my family again. I bought a bunch of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabric and made Bella a big, beautiful, super twirly skirt yesterday. Pictures of that to come soon.

P.S. I wish Great Grandma would jump into this century and get on the internet. You can see a touch of red in Tatey's hair in the pics above and I believe that would bump her to the top of the inheritance list:)


roxybonds said...

So cute!!!
Think I have that pattern! Looks like the one I made just without all the gathered layers.

上課 said...
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