Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attention, attention!

Tomorrow night I'll be participating in The Stitch Market Boutique in San Luis Obispo. That means I'll be closing my Etsy shop sometime tomorrow afternoon and reopening on Friday. So fair warning, if there's something you love, you should buy it now:)

I've been working on lots and lots of new dolls including some new hair styles...a short pixie cut a la Crafty Mama herself and a cute little bob like my sweet (not really) girls have. Oooo, and also some dark skinned dolls that are beyond adorable! My hope would be to sell every single one of them tomorrow night but realistically, you'll probably see some new little cuties in my shop on Friday.

I've been really lucky to have tons of custom orders this holiday season but that also means I've been totally swamped, working about 25-30 hours a week in addition to my full-time mom duties. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to January:) I'll be taking custom orders through December 8th and then I'll politely have to say, "No soup for you!". Have I mentioned while I sew I've been watching Seinfeld from beginning to end?

If you're local, stop by and see me tomorrow night at The Stitch Market Boutique (email me for the address). The hostess has a beautiful home and there are several talented vendors participating.

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Sarah @ ColorKitten said...

Hi Kelci - did you get my email about the domain? I'm assuming you're not interested since I haven't heard anything from you, but could you drop me a definite answer real quick? I'm about to have to let it go and I'd love it to have a good home instead of a squatter. thanks!