Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Bella Bunny...Win One!

In the last six months or so, the girls and I have become obsessed with getting a bunny. We pop in the pet shop any time we're near and check out all of the sweet little bunnies. And I always take a picture of our favorite bunny and text it to Crafty Papa in an attempt to guilt him into agreeing to get one. Here's the cutie I texted him last week...

So, the bunny obsession led me to create a bunny doll. And because Bella is always making bunny related crafts (while I was sick she made me the cutest paper bunny in a shoe box!), I've named this new doll "The Bella Bunny".

Her head and body shape are basically the same as the dolls in my shop. But her arms and legs have been altered to be more bunny like and instead of felt hair, she has big bunny ears.

The ears are lightly stuffed and quilted so they stand up but aren't stiff and are still soft enough to flop. They're backed with a super soft textured (think terry cloth) fabric so they're as soft as a real bunny's ears!

She has a sweet embroidered bunny face and is wearing a tiny removable dress.

Of course, there was some trial and error in coming up with the pattern...especially those big ears. I'm giving away my test version of Bella Bunny to one lucky reader. Her ears are a little (or a lot) wonky, and her limbs vary from what I ended up with in the final product but she's still totally lovable.

To win the bunny above, simply leave me a comment here telling me what gift you're most excited to give this holiday season. I'll pick a winner on Sunday and announce it on the blog.

The gift I'm most excited to give this year are the dolls I'm making for my girls. They've been begging for one since I started making them but I've been in "shop mode" so they've had to wait. We do a fairly modest Christmas and I like for their gift from us to be handmade if possible. So, they're each getting a doll that looks like them and a ruffled tshirt that matches their doll's dress.


joliesjunebugboutique said...

Love these! You are so talented at making these dolls/bunnys!
I think the thing I am most excited to give is a Rag quilt I made for my brother! It comes from the heart!

bailey said...

those are so cute!! i'm going to order a doll for my daughter soon. i think she'd love a bunny too :) i'm excited to give my mom an iPad. she really deserves it and i'm so excited to see her surprise when she opens it! and i'm really excited for my daughter to open her gifts because this is the first year that she actually kind of understands what's going on.

Sandra said...

Your bunnies are very cute!! And I bet they are easier to clean up after than real bunnies. I am making 4 sets of zippered cosmetic pouches for the 'girls' in the family.

Jamie said...

My daughter loves bunnies, and your doll is adorable. I am most excited about giving our little family of three another member this Christmas! Hopefully, our new little one will come sometime in the next week. Making us a family of four.

Amanda M. said...

Your bunnies are really cute! So great to make your own design! Just to let you know, we have two live bunnies, and I would really encourage you to check out some bunny rescue organizations if you are considering getting a bunny - as opposed to a pet shop. The rescue group will already have spayed/neutered the bunny (you'll definitely want that done), and will be able to help you learn all the best ways to take care of and feed your new family member. You can try to find some great rescue groups where you live. And feel free to email me if you want to talk more about all that's involved in being a bunny parent. Happy holidays!

tatgurl said...

These are so cute! I love the fabric for the ears and all the great prints for the dresses! I've been drooling over your dolls for a while!