Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Day

I have to admit that I shed a quick tear or two last night after posting this. But, it was so nice to wake up this morning and know that I only have to put in 4 hours for my work at home job and then the rest of the day is mine (I mean, rest of the day minus getting kids ready, making meals, running errands, doing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the like one hour of the day is mine).

I've been wanting to try Jona's pillowcase tutorial since she posted it ummmmm, 2 1/2 years ago! So, I made each of the girls a bright and fun and funky new pillowcase this morning!

And then promptly ran to Walmart to get them new pillows.

Crafty Papa and I have been saying for quite awhile that we all need new pillows but it became very clear today was the day once I put their puny pillows in these beautiful new cases and you almost couldn't tell there was a pillow inside!

They're both totally happy and I love that I used some of my favorite fabrics that I would normally hang on to for projects for my shop. No more! Now we get the "good stuff" too:)

Oh, and you're probably wondering how on earth these pillow cases match their room...or their bedding. They don't! Their room doesn't really have a theme, just lots of bright colors and lots of patterns so their new pillowcases work perfectly.

The tutorial was super quick and easy. I think it only took about 30 minutes for both of the pillowcases. And wouldn't this make a great gift with the recipient's name embroidered on the edge. Or maybe I'll embroider "Keep your booty in bed and don't even think of getting up again" on Matea's.


Tonya said...

so glad you got to enjoy sewing for *yourself* today!

Jona Giammalva said...

This makes me so happy! I would've loved those fabrics when I was little (anything with rainbow colors)!

Bonnie said...

Love them and happy to see you having some fun!