Thursday, July 23, 2015

New way of shopping

When I first told my friend, Tina about the shopping ban, she said, "Well, this isn't going to be any fun for me!".  We do weird shopping together, not the typical girls day with lunch out and buying clothes for ourselves.  Usually, we go to Target and get food, toiletries, and other boring everyday stuff on our lists.  But we also easily drop $10-20 on stuff from the dollar spot that is too adorable not to buy or fun holiday stuff that will take up more storage in our garages.

I've been to Target and Walmart once each since we started the ban and I noticed two things:

1.  Shopping with Tina isn't really that different.  I still found fun stuff in the dollar spot and cute outfits in the girls section but instead of buying them myself, I just suggested that she buy them:)  

2.  I waste less time.  I can think of three different things I saw at Walmart yesterday that I would have wandered over and looked at pre-ban but they were all fun or unnecessary items so I didn't even waste my time on them yesterday because I knew they were banned.  

I think this week may be hardest on Pops.  One of his favorite companies is having a "Christmas in July" sale and a backpack he wants is on sale for $199...which is apparently a great price?  He definitely doesn't need it and I know he knows that but he's brought it up a few times this week so I think it's killing him a little bit that he can't buy it. 

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