Monday, July 20, 2015

Shopping Ban

It's been a long time since I've blogged but our family is beginning a little adventure and I think this blog is a great place to keep track of our goals and results.

A few weeks ago, I read this blog post that was linked on our budgeting software's Facebook page (You Need a Budget).  It was written by a young woman who undertook a year long shopping ban after realizing she had accumulated way too much stuff and was doing a lot of unnecessary shopping.  It's totally worth reading even if you think a shopping ban is crazy.

I was really inspired and sent the link to Steve and told him I wanted to do our own Gonzalez Family version.  We did a two week long no-spend challenge a few years ago but I really wanted to do something bigger this time. 

We got the girls on board and used some of our recent 8 hour car ride to Oregon to discuss our terms.

So, here's what we're looking at...

3 month long shopping ban
-began on July 18th
-ends on October 18th

Approved Purchases (items we know we'll have to buy)
1 pair of jeans for each Bella and Matea
Birthday gifts for Tina and Shane (try to make all other gifts)
Steve shoes
Matea's birthday party (aim for $200 total)
School supplies - only what is on list, no "fun" items, shop the house first
Kelci work pants, 1 pair
First day of school outfit for Kelci, Bella, and Matea
One Go Ruck Event for Steve
Project life vertical page protectors
$100 for next month's girls' trip (which was planned months ago)

Acceptable Spending
Necessary cleaning supplies and toiletries (no fun or extra items, only once we run out)
Girl Scout events
Extracurricular activities (baton lessons, volleyball, swim)
Pictures for scrap booking but no supplies
$100/month for dining (currently spending about $250) 

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Melissa Hughes said...

Love this Kelci! Great idea! Ps I have tons of Project Life goodies taking up precious storage space in my hall closest that I'm afraid I'll never get around to. It's all yours if you want it:)