Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another marathon sewing day?

For the first time ever, I'm home all alone this afternoon. Sure, Steve has taken both girls on a quick errand and usually takes Bella to the beach during Matea's afternoon nap on Saturdays. But today is the first time he's taken them both out of the house for a large portion of the day. So, I was all geared up for another marathon sewing day but now I have a headache and the thought of sitting in our comfy recliner, drinking my diet pepsi, and watching house flipping shows sounds nice. We'll see which way I go.

Anyhow, just listed this one on Etsy. I'll just say again that I really love this fabric. Found it in the bargain bin at my local fabric store and kind of wish I would have bought another yard. I usually only buy one yard of each fabric because I get tired of it rather quickly but this one has so many colors in it, there are tons of possibilities for different color and pattern combos.

Also got some new fabric in the mail today for some custom orders I'm working on...skulls! Not my usual fabric choice but really cute. Andrea, if you're reading this (and who are we kidding, you're a long time stalker, I know you are), do you want to see pics before I send the bags to you? I'm still a few weeks away from finishing them but wanted to know how surprised you want to be.


Jennifer said...

k- love the asian inspired bag! its one of my favorites. so fun to have some time to yourself :)

Andrea said...

Really suprised!!!
I love supries.. LOVE that Asian purse... I see another purchase soon!