Monday, November 5, 2007

Caring for your bag

Ok, lets start at the beginning. Your bag may be wrinkled once you gets to you. Don't be afraid to use your iron (with steam) to freshen it up a little. Just slip the bag over the end of your ironing board, like you do with a shirt, and touch up any wrinkles.
Ok, now onto washing. Crafty Mama bags are meant to be practical and for everyday use by other moms like me. But, they're also meant to be cherished and well cared for, kind of like a special dress. Do keep your bag clean. I don't want you carrying around your coffee stained bag and proudly proclaiming it's one of my creations. For a little dirt here and there, I recommend spot cleaning with soap and warm water on a white wash cloth. For more heavy wear, soak in a mild detergent (like Woolite), use a washcloth to gently work out any heavy dirt, and then hang dry. Once dry, iron back into shape. All bags are treated with scotch guard before shipping to help in fighting stains.

In summary... your bag isn't your favorite pair of jeans. Don't throw it in the washer on "heavy duty". Treat it like it's special but don't be afraid to keep it clean.

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jona said...

Brilliant advice! Special bags need special care.

Besides, would you spill coffee on a Renoir? ;)