Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Any Faux Finishers in the House?

We have three short bookcases that we use for the girls' toy storage in the playroom. We got an awesome deal from an unfinished wood place that had lost its lease and was literally going out of business the day after we were there. We bought the shelves because they were the perfect size and we planned to stain them a dark cherry finish to match the rest of our furniture. That was almost two years ago.

So, here I sit looking at those unfinished shelves. I've decided to paint them a sort of aqua/turquoise/smokey blue/tealish color and really want to do a color wash so they look kind of shabby and worn (um, that's partly because they're starting out shabby and worn and I don't want to put in the effort to perfect them). Can I color wash with just paint and water? Like mix the two and rub on with a cloth? Or do I have to use a glaze? I don't want them to look heavily painted, thus the reason for not rolling or brushing the paint on. I just want some color and brightness. Am I on the right track? Or should I sponge paint? I kid, I kid. My sister and I had a dresser that we sponge painted the hell of growing up. I can't even remember how many different combinations we had. I know that when I went away to college, it was white with red sponge paint. Klassy.

Also, I declared a spending freeze this week. I notified Crafty Pops on Monday that I thought we should try not to spend any money at all Monday-Friday this week. And here I am on Wednesday, going out to buy paint. I'm selling some stuff on Craigslist and I have some cash so he'll never have to know I'm cheating. At least that's how I'm rationalizing it this morning.

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Marie said...

I'm no expert but I'll just tell you what I did. I painted our kitchen table and chairs a robins egg blue color. I lightly sanded it, primed it, then I rolled paint on there with a small roller. I did 2 coats, let it dry completely like overnight, then I took a piece of sandpaper and distressed by rubbing it lightly and it gave it the shabby chic look cause you could see some of the white and wood underneath. I don't know if that's what you were looking for, if not, just ignore me. :)