Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Down, Four Two Go

I think I've mostly finished two rooms in our new house, the (only) bathroom and play/craft/dining room.

To create our new bathroom, I spent $42...$28 for a new shower curtain to block off the shower and laundry area, $6 for soap dispenser and toothbrush holders, $6 for new hand towels, and $3 at a yard sale for the set of three carved plaques on the wall. I used outdoor decor from our old backyard and behind the door is a shelf with hooks for towels. I've ordered vinyl to cut something with my Cricut to put above the curtain but I'm not sure what yet.

In the play/craft/dining room, I spent $14 on paint for the toy bookcases and that's it! Everything else is stuff we already had. I used the Amy Butler fabric canvases that were in the livingroom in our old house. Fabric from my stash for the window "mistreatments" (do you all read the Nester too?). Rug from our old play area and shelves from my former scrapbooking area. I know the room is packed with stuff and is just a weird multi-purpose kind of space but I really like the blue/green/brown color combo and think we're using the space in the best way we can. Oh, and I know the wall above the toy shelves is empty. I plan to fill it with a bunch of letter "G"s but I have to collect them first:)


Beth said...

Lookin' good!

Kristin said...

Ooohh....what color did you paint the bookshelves? I love it! It's always funto spruce up new areas!

roxybonds said...

looking good so far :)