Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tie Dye Fun

For some reason, I love tie dying. And I love tie dye shirts. Is it acceptable for a grown woman to wear one in public? Seriously. Is it? I'm not talking bright rainbow with a peace sign in the middle. Something far more understated...tie dye chic.

Anyway, I've been dying to tie dye all summer. Haha! Dying to tie dye. The girls have been far less interested than I am so I finally had to get serious this morning about talking it up, showing them lots of pictures on the internet.

I decided to go with Rit Dye rather than a tie dye kit because I'm cheap. Unfortunately, my Walmart had fairly limited color choices so we got pink, yellow, and blue and combined colors to make purple and green (purple totally didn't work out for us and the green is kind of murky).

Crafty Papa came home in the middle of the process and I was so excited for him to see how organized I was. Usually, I jump into a project like this and am totally bummed out later when half my house and clothing are ruined. I actually planned today's project and even said to Pops, "Aren't you so proud of me? Look! I'm wearing gloves and put down a trash back to protect the concrete! And I have on an apron! Do you see me?!". Apparently he wasn't nearly as impressed with me as I was.

Anyway, here are our finished shirts. I made one more for myself but because I washed it in warm water (per Rit's instructions), it's now practically a midrift. Damn my father and his tall genes! I'll save it to wear to bed. Nothing says sexy time like gray yoga pants that are too big and a too small tie dye tshirt.
In other news, I'm moderating comments now. There's only one way to say it...I'm a dumb shit. I honestly didn't realize those Chinese comments were links to Asian porn sites! I kept clicking on the commenter's name and would be taken to an empty but legitamate blog. After researching (and freaking clicking!), I found out that clicking on the "........." in the comment takes you to a porn site. That's great. Nothing goes with crafting more than Asian porn (or any kind of porn for that matter). I'm trying to see how many times I can say "porn" in this post. I think I'm done now. Anyhow, apparently it's a widespread issue on Blogger and they're not doing anything about it so I had to resort to moderating.

Lastly, I finally listed a new bag in my shop! It's bright and cheery and gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Also, be sure to check out the sale section for new additions.


Beth said...

love the bag - the ruffles are perfect!
As for tie dye in public- I say heck yeah!!! I'm a tie dye gal too. I just tie-dyed a shower curtain for my kid's bathroom & some tees. Gotta get some more colors and get messy again. ;)

Kelci said...

Ooooo, I would love a tie dyed shower curtain! I don't know if my husband could handle that though. We all share one bathroom in our tiny house and he'd probably cringe every time he had to pull back the curtain to get in the shower.

Marie said...

That's on our list of things to do. I actually saw a cute fitted v neck tie dye tee at Target (for adults) and thought about getting it. But it was $10 and I'm cheap, so I didn't. Isabella loves to tie dye though, I've never done it so I'm definitely gonna read up on it before I do. I love Bella's dress!