Friday, July 2, 2010

Are you as skilled as an 11 year old?

Because FYI, I am.

I easily completed my pattern for tweens (I don't know why I italicized "easily"). Apparently, being three times as old as the target age range is helpful.

I actually really like this pattern and will definitely use it again. I did two separate fabrics for the top and bottom. Maybe because I thought that was more fun. Maybe because I'm cheap and only wanted to use fabric from my stash and I didn't have enough of either fabric. I guess you'll never know. And I did the fabric casing on the outside instead of the inside like the pattern called for. I was inspired by the dress I got for Bella from Blue Corduroy and you know I like to cram as much pattern as possible into one outfit. Definitely more of these in Bella's future and I might try to draft a pattern for myself since I like the style so much.

I'm having a girls night with my babies tonight because Crafty Papa has to be out of town for a family emergency-ish (on his 33rd birthday-poor Papa). Wanna know a secret? I'm very much not in need of a girls night with my babies. I have been with them every waking minute for way too many days in a row. So much fighting, whining, and screaming. We're working on putting pavers in the backyard so the girls can play there while I work inside and that project can't be completed soon enough. I wanted to sew after they go to bed tonight but I think I'll just sit alone in my livingroom and watch a movie without having to tune out Bella's high pitched singing and Matea's shrieking.

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Flutterby Threads said...

I smiled reading your post, and oh how I needed that smile. :). I totally relate as a SAHM of 3 yr old and 20 mo old boys and a 6 month old girl. I'm at my wits end right now and I feel like all I need is a little bit of crafty me time to get my head back on straight, but when it comes time, after all the bedtime fights, I'm so tired all I can do is veg. Here's to hanging in there! I have some mamas only time coming this weekend for my birthday, I hope you can get some too!