Thursday, June 24, 2010

Handmade Father's Day

We unintentionally had a handmade Father's Day this year. For months, Steve had been asking for a peg person of The Stig. Anyone else know who The Stig is? I ordered from a local friend, Lena, who painted our peg family a few years ago. I was completely blown away with the finished product. Way more detailed than I was expecting and so three dimensional looking.

Here's a comparison of the "real" Stig to the wooden version...

Pretty impressive, huh? Now he lives with the rest of the family on our china cabinet. Not really where I thought he'd make his home. Kind of a weird little group here.

Then I also went to Rachel of Moonlight Doodles to order a custom keychain. It says "Papa" in the middle (that's what the girls call Steve) and "loved by Bella & Matea" around the edge. Rachel literally lives just two streets up from me so you can't beat the convenience of this one of a kind gift!

You may have noticed that I haven't listed anything new in my shop for a while. I've been working from home part-time for a few months now and just recently had the opportunity to increase my hours. While I'd love to keep sewing for Crafty Mama Creations' shop, Etsy sales are low and my other job is a guaranteed income. I may list something once in a while but I'm really taking the pressure off of myself to list regularly and I'm going to actually use some of my beautiful fabric stash on projects for my own family.

I picked up these patterns yesterday to make some things for Bella. They say "Learn to sew: Pattern & Instructions ideal for tweens". I'm almost 32 so these should work for me, right? Let the record reflect that if you never see finished projects posted for these patterns, it's because I failed miserably and don't want you to know I am less skilled than a 12 year old.

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