Monday, June 14, 2010


Two bags this weekend with zipper closures!
And to think, just a short time ago, I thought zippers were only for the skilled seamstress. I'm about as unskilled as you can get!

I've had that black Michael Miller fabric forever. After my trip to Ikea and organizing my stash, I realized I have yard after yard of brown fabric and hardly any black. I'm thinking I'll definitely have to include some black damask in my next fabric order.

I love the bright orange and turquoise on the second bag and just might have to keep it for myself. I really like the size of that bag style and how feminine the shape is.

Today marks day one of our summer vacation. I took the girls to the park this morning and got them to clean their room so I think I'll mark today as a success. I'm kind of anti-social and have a tendency to hang out a lot at home but I know the girls will gouge each other's eyes out if we don't get out of the house this summer. Drive-in tonight to see "Shrek", strawberry picking tomorrow, free movie on Wednesday, and working on a garden on Thursday...that should be enough activity for the whole summer, right?


Becky said...

Your bags are gorgeously done!

When it's this hot I am not just anti-social, I get down right mean if you make me leave the house.

How about a bi-weekly trip to the cool air-conditioned local library? That always made my childhood summers bearable.

Lori said...

Where is a good place to buy fabric?