Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Style

Most important bit of info....zipper closure.

I used the Pretty Pinafore pattern from U-handbag.

I really like the end result but found the pattern a little hard to follow. I think I'm use to pdf patterns that treat me like I'm 6 years old and sewing my first item. I like that. I think I need that.

This pattern definitely assumes some sewing knowledge. Knowledge that I don't have. But I was mostly hoping to learn a few new skills and I did (like the super easy zipper!). So, I think I'll modify a few things and definitely use the pattern again. It's listed in my shop for $45:)


Beth said...

cute bag! I'm nervous about zippers too. I don't attempt them very often!

Sonia said...

i love that purse! Like you, i prefer the pdf patterns that hold my hand. lol. I'm spoiled.