Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paso Robles Baby and Childrens Fair

Today was my first time doing this event. I did the San Luis Obispo Birth and Baby Fair two years ago and was fairly successful so at the last minute (just a week and a half ago) I decided to give this event a try. Not as successful.

It wasn't a total bust but I noticed a few things. First, for a baby and children specific event, there really weren't very many babies and kids there. Also, very few activities for kids even though it was promoted as a very kid-oriented event. Traffic was super light all day, maybe because it was 100 freakin degrees. I had anticipated feeling near death for most of the day but really, only the last hour was sweltering.

So, at the end of the day, I hadn't sold one bag. Not one! I sold lots of toddler aprons (thanks for the fabulous pattern, Jona!), some hair clips, and all of the dolls. I got so many compliments on my bags and lots of "almost" purchases but no takers. It was kind of weird. But, that means I have 5 or 6 new bags to list in my shop tomorrow (look closely at the pictures and you might spot a few of them).

I also successfully did a trade with a local mom and ordered Bella a beautiful necklace for her kindergarten graduation gift next week. Rachel is super nice, great to work with, and has fabulous big, curly, red hair. Bella's getting a necklace with a circle charm, her name and a tiara stamped on it, and a pink crystal. She'll love it! You should definitely check out Rachel's shop, she has some really cute stuff.

Be sure to check my shop later tonight or tomorrow for new items. Now that today's event is behind me, I'll be back to listing more regularly and looking for the next event that may be a good fit for Crafty Mama.

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