Monday, September 3, 2007

Bye bye trick or treat bags

At least for now. Honestly, I've just reached my limit for the time being. I made the bags two years ago and told my husband I would never do them again. Crafty Mama is not an assembly line, sweat shop, etc. and I was firm in my declaration that I would stick to being creative. For whatever reason, Steve talked me into making the bags again this year (Why does he care? Did he liquor me up in order to impair my judgement and get me to agree to this?), said it would make the children of the world happy. Well, children of the world, you may just have to go get a big plastic pumpkin from Walmart for $1.98 without your cute little name stitched on it by someone as caring as Crafty Mama. Or, you might be able to stop by my Etsy shop later this month and order one. We'll see if my mood changes.

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