Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally, a new bag

Crafty Mama's been feeling a little under the weather lately...ok, crappy, so I really haven't been sewing much. A good friend ordered this custom bag about a month ago and thankfully, she's been really patient with me. I finally finished it tonight and can tell you I won't ever be making this style again unless it's for another REALLY good friend or a celebrity. I say celebrity because my grandma is always coming up with these "business ideas" for my "big break". She's convinced I need to somehow get one of my bags to a big celebrity and then Crafty Mama will become a household name and I'll be rolling in the dough. She's always cutting out articles from The Fresno Bee about stay at home moms who became entrepreneurs, etc. What's so wrong with being a full time mom and liking it? Ok, so I wouldn't even remake it for a celebrity. Maybe Tori Spelling because I'm totally addicted to "Tori & Dean Inn Love" pathetic am I? I already know my friend Lena is totally going to call me on that.
Ok, back on topic. These ruffles have sort of been my "thing" for a while and after this bag, I freakin hate them. Seriously, they took forever to make and forever times two to fray. Shanna better be sending me that "toad-ally awesome" card or she'll hear me complain about these ruffles every day.


Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

OK . . the pictures DO NOT do this bag justice! I got this bag yesterday and let me tell yah . . she is one 'crafty' mama! She hit what I wanted PERFECTLY!!! Amazing work Kelci . . Amazing work!

lena rushing said...

you were right about me. you are a dork ( : i'm kidding(kind of) what i mean to say is, yes, i do think your lame for loving "inn love" but if you only knew all the dumb stuff i love to watch. "birds of a feather...."