Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some of my favorite links

Since I can't live without the internet, thought I'd share some of my favorite links with the world. "The world" being the 10 people who read this.

Cactus Blossom Designs
This is my "friend" Jona's Ebay listings. I say "friend" because I've never met her but we chat occasionally online. We met in an Ebay forum for bag makers a few years ago, I've since moved on to Etsy and she's transitioned from bags to clothing. Love her little girl's outfits! So classic and sweet, not the "Look at me wearing my ruffled overalls with 10,000 rhinestones and bright pink lipstick!" kind of boutique outfits that you find all over Ebay. She super nice and I love her style and fabric combos. In my head, I always say her name as "Joe-nah" but I think she's said it's "John-ah". Oh well, I'll still call her, my "friend", "Joe-nah".

Shanna's Scrappy Sketches
This is my good friend Shanna's scrapbooking blog. Full of great sketches and her awesome work. I love to scrapbook but am much more into creativity with combining papers than I am with the actual layout, so I use Shanna's sketches all the time. Ok, I've never actually met Shanna either but I swear I do have friends that I actually see in person! Shanna has become a really close friend, we talk almost every day, and I'm hoping to finally meet her next spring. And I don't think I say her name correctly either. I think it's "Shawn-ah" but I say "Sha (a, like apple)-nah".

JCaroline Creative
Best site ever for fabric and other crafting items. Great prices and a really great selection of funky fabrics. They carry all of my favorites, Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, etc.
There is some really cool and really crazy, out there stuff on this site. I love to see how people take an old shirt and turn it into a dress for their toddler. Makes me wish I had more time to sew for my own fam.

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jona said...

Ack! I'm just now playing catch up and running around to my favorites to see what everyone is doing and I find this!

Thank you so much for your kind (and flattering) words. I know if we met in person we would be "true friends" but our "virtual friendship" (as my hunny calls them) will have to suffice! You've made my day! :D