Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why so slow?

Hello, anyone there? Seriously, if anyone reading this has any idea why my Etsy sales are so slow lately, let me know. I can take it! Is it because buyers are preoccupied with back to school shopping and activities? It can't be my taste in fabric and combos because I find my style to perfect and desirable to all buyers. Bad pics? Bad prices? C'mon, tell me! I really want some feedback.
I posted this one yesterday. We'll see how long it sits in my shop with its friends.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I listed some handmade cards. I originally made them for myself, posted them on the scrapbooking forum I frequent and then decided to list them in my store after a fellow scrapbooker suggested I give it a shot. I think they'd be a great addition to a bag you're giving as a gift or just a nice surprise for a friend. I loooooove getting handmade cards (my friend Shanna makes the best cards, see her work at the link below). Seriously, for me, getting a handmade card is even better than getting a present because I know the giver put time, effort and thought into it (so not like, "Hmmmm, she'll probably like this peach melon Bath & Body works lotion). And I haven't purchased a greeting card in years. I really enjoy making these and it's a great way to use my scraps. And for buyers, I think they're a great price, only $2 each, much cheaper than Hallmark and their sappy crap. Bummer, I made a bunch of thank you cards last week and decided to include one in every package I send out to my bag and scrapbooking buyers. I have 4 packages sitting on my porch now and forgot to put a card in all of them.

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Andrea said...

Seriously, cause I'm broke!! I was looking at that asian print bag you made, and I wanted it!! It was sold!!!

(Andrea ~ Mateosmomma)