Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another new style...

in fabric that coordinates nicely with my new hair. I woke up this morning determine to recolor it and then Crafty Papa went on and on again about how much he loves it. I'm starting my bid early for wife of the year in 2009.

A small zippered hobo bag is still in the works and I'm hoping to list one more new style tomorrow that includes o-rings. Tatey Cakes is still determined to give up her nap so I'm trying to figure out what my new regular sewing schedule will be.


Marie said...

I love all the new styles you're coming out with. Thanks for the giveaway bag. It is so cute! It was more my style than any of my friends and family's style, so I selfishly kept it for myself and got a million compliments.

I wanted to share a suggestion for your handbags that I found I would like after now owning several of your bags. I hope you don't mind...but here it is. Have you considered making bags that sit higher up under the arm when you're carrying it? Just a shorter strap length so that it's tucked under your arm more? I just found that it's easier for me to carry a bag like that after wrestling with kids while out and bending over to pick the kids up and it doesn't slide off my arm. I hope that made sense!

Anyways, have a great Monday!

Kelci said...

I'm laughing Marie because I used to do shorter straps and then people said they wanted them longer! I had been making them so the bag would sit right about boob level and then a lot of people requested that I do longer straps so they could wear the bag across their chest messenger style. The bag in this posting has much shorter straps and I'm definitely going to do more a mix now of strap sizes. Thanks for the feedback~