Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Stuff

I haven't had a very successful sewing week. First off, Matea not napping is really messing with my schedule. When Bella gave up her nap, I could still get her to hang out in her bed and rest and read books. Matea, not so much. On top of that, I've been messing with a zippered hobo bag for a few weeks and am finally admitting defeat. I just can't get it right. I've read online tutorials and even bought a pattern and I still can't get it. My attempt is now sitting next to me in the trash can and I'm just going to forget about it for now and move on.

After an ice cream bribe, I got the girls to occupy themselves for a bit this afternoon so I could work on this bag. I'm really liking this style and I think the size is super versatile.

A few of you have emailed me asking about my new job. I started on Monday and actually had a lot of fun (Carters has some of the cutest kids clothes - I love looking at all of the bright colors and fun prints). The only down side was that my feet were KILLING ME when I got home. Think nine months pregnant, post-grocery trip ankles. You know, when it feels like they're just going to explode with pressure. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and spend a big chunk of my soon-to-come first paycheck on a pair of nice shoes. I was prepared to pay $100+ but got lucky and found these on clearance for $30!

How cute are they?! I'll tell you. So cute that I also bought them in silver. Honestly though, I think good shoes are going to be a necessity with this job so I don't even feel guilty. I did my homework so I didn't base my decision solely (get it? shoes - soles....solely) on cuteness. These are Privo which is a division of Clarks so, cute and orthopedically superior.


Kristi said...

I love Privo and those are freakin' cute!

Andrea said...

Cute shoes Kelci! I was just thinking about your job today! Your getting next weekend off, right?

I have Clarks, but they hurt my feet??!! WTH?!

Marie said...

Those shoes are so dang cute! I am so going to get a pair if I can find them on clearance. Do they squeak when you wear them? I have a pair of MJ crocs that do that and look similar to those and they bug me.