Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Weekend Ever!

This past weekend was the ultimate scrapbooking retreat weekend that I mentioned here a few months ago. 10 scrappers in a beach house for three days, most of us meeting in person for the very first time. I finally got to meet Kristi, Keeley, Shana, and Shanna and was lucky enough to have Shanna stay with me at home for a few extra nights. I know it probably sounds weird to some people, but after chatting online regularly with some of these ladies for several years, I felt like we knew each other as well as we would have if we had seen each other in person all this time. No weirdness or uncomfortable moments, just a lot of fun.

I was especially sad to see Shanna go after getting to spend extra time with her. Bella had grown quite attached to her and even cried at the airport yesterday! Shanna and I have been chatting in instant messenger pretty much every morning Monday-Friday for about two years now. My morning routine is always the same...slowly drinking my coffee while chatting with Shanna. Sometimes we talk about important stuff like money issues, child rearing, an argument with our husband. And other times, we (ok, me) just share embarrassing stories or talk about nothing at all. It was so nice to see that the rest of the Crafty Family loves her as much as I do...Crafty Papa even took her out on the town for what seemed like a first date except that I was in the car too! Anyway, I really do feel immensely grateful that I got to meet Shanna in person finally and had a really hard time at the airport. Today, I'm trying to focus on how much fun I had with her and how she really is a great friend (even if it isn't the traditional type of friendship) instead of thinking about how I had to send her back to Arkansas yesterday and won't see her again for a long while. She was really easy to be around and I just felt like I could completely be myself with her. Not everyone gets to find a friend like that.

Lastly, I designed these cute owl t-shirts for the retreat and ordered extras because I thought they were too cute not to share. You can find them in my shop.


Julia said...

how fun! wish i coulda been there! can't wait to meet everyone too! cute shirts!

Marie said...

What an awesome idea and so fun to meet online buddies. Some think it's wierd, but when I finally got to meet Tonya, it put my husband's mind at ease that it wasn't wierd after all. You should just make this an annual thing! Looking at the beach pics makes me miss CA so much! Cute shirts too!

jona said...

Wow!! It looks like so much fun!! I love meeting my online friends in person too. It keeps Joey from calling them my "virtual friends".

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Awh . . you made me CRY (again)!!! Stop it! I really miss you guys! Can't wait to go back next year!!!
Am I still a 'princess'??? :)