Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back at it

Birthday party and retreat prep are over. House guests have all gone home. It's time to get back into a routine. A routine that involves sewing with a cranky two year old, working part-time nights and weekends, and finding time for myself. Oh, and also continuing to feed my addiction to the wii fit. Everyone here is in my face crying right now but I'm going to ignore it and plug along.

Listed not one, but two bags this afternoon. I love, love, love this first one! I had totally forgotten that I bought this fabric from Jona almost two months ago. See what fun things you can find when you clean and organize!

This second bag is "not quite perfect". The snap is slightly off center. I'm not really sure what happened. I did enjoy two refreshing margaritas last night but I don't drink and sew so I can't blame the booze. Anyway, I listed it at the chipper-chicken price so if you love it, there's a good deal to be had. I just realized "chipper-chicken" is something that Steve and I say that will make no sense to anyone else but I'm going to leave it and let you wonder where the phrase came from.


jona said...

I'm cracking up about your marguarita/sewing statement. Remember, friends don't let friends sew drunk.
Sometimes I'll want a glass of wine (to relax from all the whine) but I'll remember that I'm cutting out orders and then I have visions of all the cranky emails I'll get from customers (or maybe they won't say anything because a feeling of generosity washed over me and I cut way too much)!
Anyway, great bags! (I'm going to spend all day trying to figure out the whole chipper-chicken thing).

gracelaced said...

Ummm...we say chipper-chicken as in "cheaper chicken" from Father of the Bride, no?