Sunday, November 14, 2010

He's Rockabilly, Baby!

Is the whole rockabilly thing popular all over the country or is it mainly a California thing? I mean, I'm totally young and cool and know all of the trends everywhere, I'm just wondering if you do:)

My in laws are way into the car show scene and the rockabilly thing is huge. On the rare occasion that Crafty Papa can convince me to attend a show with him, I mainly people watch and check out all of the rockabilly outfits, hair and makeup. Some people are really, really serious about the look and go all out.

Anyway, here's a little rockabilly baby boy who I think is just adorable (and he looks a little like Crafty Pop's without the goatee).

I made him using Wee Wonderful's Eddie pattern and discovered that he's smaller than the girl doll pattern which is a bummer. If I put the two of them next to each other, she kind of looks like she's going to lean over and take a bite out of his head. I'm totally seeing some girl-boy pairs in the future so I'm working on making my own boy clothes patterns to fit a larger doll. Then I'll have to make myself and Crafty Papa into dolls and set them on our bed. He'll be creeped out but it's just the kind of cheesiness I love.

I've been getting lots of emails for info. on custom dolls, especially for Christmas gifts. I love all of the awesome feedback and am really happy customers are finding the dolls just as adorable as I do. Thanks!

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