Monday, November 8, 2010

Recipes please!

This weekend we went out of town to visit family and steal their home-grown produce.

My Grandma has three apple trees with tons and tons of fruit and a sad little pear tree that isn't producing much. We picked as many apples as we could carry which ended up being almost 20 pounds! Crafty Papa kept telling me to stop and that I was taking more than we can eat so now I have to prove him wrong. Maybe he thinks apples spoil quickly?

So now I'm on the hunt for some yummy apple recipes. Bonus points if it's low calorie and triple points if it uses pomegranates too. Why? Because we also took 8 huge pomegranates from my in laws.
Any tips for getting the seeds out without splattering red juice all over my tiny kitchen?

I'm determined to get my Grandma's pear tree producing so we're going to do some online research about pruning, pests, etc. And don't feel bad for my family, we have our own garden so we can trade with them. We've harvested an entire dozen pinto beans that we accidentally planted so we can give my Grandma and inlaws three each. If they save their beans, they may end up with a whole serving in a year!


Morgan said...

Fill your sink or a big bowl with water and deal with the pomegranates under the water. Works wonders!

Recipes - I just made about 5 giant pots of applesauce to freeze. In my house we can never have enough.

Marie said...

homemade apple sauce, apple bread, sour cream apple pie, apple fritters, pioneer woman's apple dumplings, apple pancakes, apples w/ peanut butter for a snack. I'm hungry now!

ALBodley said...

What Morgan said about the water really works. And it helps separate the seeds and the little pieces of the inside that gets stuck on the seeds.

Oh my, Apple pancakes sound delicious. Maybe you could find a recipe for a good apple stuffing for thanksgiving?