Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crafty Mama for Vice President!

You voted and I delivered. Hey, maybe I should be Vice President of the United States. I hear they'll let almost any woman do it these days. C'mon, you know that was funny.

I finally got back to sewing today and whipped up this little number. Love the color combo in the fabric and it's even more vivid in real life. This listing includes the matching zippered pouch so I absolutely expect one of you who voted in favor of it over there ----------> to buy it right now.

Oh, and this bag does have some historical significance. For the first time ever, I actually folded and put away the fabric I used after finishing it. I know, it a very new, novel concept. I prefer to let everything pile up until I literally have no more empty workspace. But since my mother sustained injury in my craft room this weekend while spending lots of money buying Christmas gifts for some of her fellow teachers, I figured I could make more of an effort to keep things clean. And to the teachers reading this, if you pay me $100, I'll tell you what you're getting.


jona said...

That's a great bag! Now shoot me a moose and you've got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Kelci, I love this bag with the matching bag! I'll admit that I was one of the votes for that ;-) This bag I'm afraid is just a bit too big for me as Laur doesn't require as much stuff at 2 as she did when she was younger. I do love this bag though!!

~JESS from BBC