Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Excuse Me

But how is this bag I listed yesterday afternoon still available? It's all the things you guys like, neutral, floral, pink and brown, sweet, not funky, matching zippered pouch.

Seriously though, I really like this bag and am surprised it didn't sell right away. It's a nice smaller size without being teeny tiny and I absolutely love the buttons of the flap.

So you tell me, why is it still in my shop?


Anonymous said...

WOW Kelci, this bag is fabulous! I love it! I'm surprised it hasn't been snatched up yet either, but with the economy stinking worse than cow crap, I guess people are tighting their belts and not buying much. :-( Sucks for your business I know. Hopefully things will pick up for you soon with people making Christmas purchases! Anyway, gorgeous bag!!!


tscrapper said...

I love it, too! Any chance we can see a photo of the fabric on the back of the bag?

heather_elaine27 said...

It wasn't snatched up yet because your #1 stalker is away on vacation, and your #2 stalker was out of town also! Too bad for the others who were asleep on the job! This is an awesome purse - just the colors I like! And it's time for me to switch 'em out - I've had my turquoise and brown number for a while now! Great job Kelci!!

roxybonds said...


i want one! LOVE the colors and I've been waiting for a smaller bag!

hint hint

the brown owl is calling my name, but she wants a purse to ride along with

wink wink

btw- whats up with the retreat planning?????

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Well I guess your #3 stalker likes 'big girl' purses! Tiny is not my cup of tea! I have too much money oops . . I mean CRAP to put in my purses.

AND HECK NO Jen . . . that owl is waiting to ride to me! LMAO!

And yes . . the retreat planning???

roxybonds said...

Shanna- that owl would be for ALLIE...... you gonna take it away from a cute little 4 month old, cruel ;)

Andrea said...

See I guess I was a day late! I love that purse!! So cute, cuter with a zipper but yeah...

Yes, the retreat!!!! I can't wait!