Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Stuff, Crappy Pics

I wasn't as productive this weekend as I had planned to be but I did manage to make these two sets this evening after picturing them in my head for a few weeks. The pics are crappy, I finished too late for natural light, but I was so excited about them, I posted them anyway and will probably update the listings tomorrow with better pics.

I think these ruffled onesies and matching pant sets are absolutely adorable but still totally comfortable. You know from my bags over the years, that I love funky fabric combinations and I just think the finished product is really fun. I'd really like to make a few for my girls but Matea still refuses to wear anything I've made (seriously, how does she always know?) and Bella would require pink, glitter and butterflies...totally not my style.

Anyhow, be sure to check out the full listings in my shop. They're priced great for gift giving at only $22 per set.

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Those are so cute! I can't believe Bella still won't wear anything you make for her. Doesn't she realize how blessed she is to have a mama that can make such beautiful things?! KIDS!