Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Favorites

It's been forever since I've done my Friday Favorites but I'm finally back with some tv related items...

1. Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs". Does this really need any explanation? Good looking, smart, and really great sense of humor. Also, almost 20 years older than me. But since the chances of a relationship between us are slim - mostly because I'm already married - I'm not worried too much about the age difference.

2. "Top Gear". I would be shocked if anyone other than maybe my dad, is familiar with this. It's a car show on BBC America but I'm going to say it's only about 25% actual car talk and 75% entertainment and humor. Crafty Papa and I watch it together every week and laugh our asses off. And it's educational. I've learned terms like boot, bonnet, and caravaning. I've also learned that in Europe, they pronounce "coupe" and "coo-pay". That's some very important international travel knowledge right there.

3. "The Starter Wife" on USA. I netflixed all of season one and got really into it. Season two doesn't seem to be quite as good so far but I really like Debra Messing so I'm going to stick with it a while longer.

4. These two video clips from Ellen's website. Both bring tears to my eyes for very different reasons. First, this Dennis Quaid clip is so hilarious, I've watched it ten times now and laughed so hard I cried every time.

Then this clip from Keith Olbermann is so moving and I hope, though provoking for some people. Crafty Papa is very against me saying anything political on my blog but I don't think I'd be true to myself if I didn't say that the passage of Prop 8 makes me physically ill.


Andrea said...

Mmm yummy dirty jobs guy. My husband and son like to watch it, and i enjoy a peek, but usually it's way to gross to stand the whole show.

Tonya said...

I love me some Mike Rowe too ; D He is the total package!

jona said...

Well Mike Rowe is definitely in my age bracket and definitely hubba hubba! He could clean out my greasy drains any day.