Sunday, November 16, 2008

Memo To: You

I'm sewing right now. Like, actually making a bag to list in my shop. I know, it's been weeks. It's a new shape, neutral, beautiful Amy Butler prints. Make sure you check my shop for it later because I think I'll only list it briefly before deciding to keep it for myself. I'm also working on making aprons for some events I'm doing next month and I probably won't list those until after the events. But, if you're looking for a quick gift for a teacher, neighbor, holiday party hostess, email me and I can let send you pics of the aprons I have in stock.

And thanks for all of the well wishes on my hallucinations and general mental instability right now. Here's a little laugh for you...last Friday, during one of the hallucinations, the shadow of my ceiling fan turned into a man waving at me. Obviously, I knew it wasn't real but it was still weird. After hallucinating a person in my closet when I woke up that morning (crazy stuff huh?), I declared that we would be leaving the scene of the crime for a while. So we've been sleeping on our aero bed in the living room for the past week and I finally thought we should move back to the bedroom last night. I'm not freakin kidding you, that stupid ceiling fan man was back and not only was he waving, he started doing this dance move where he was moving his arms up and down, side to side, while rolling his hands around each other. Like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" or whatever that movie is called. Crazy huh? I told Crafty Papa and he burst out laughing. I'm starting to think ceiling fan man is my secret admirer or something. Not really, that would alarm my doctor but I do think it was thoughtful of him to provide some humor during my regularly schedule 2am hallucination.

ETA: Hey, I actually finished it. I surprised myself with my sudden productivity and I may even try to make a smaller version of this bag later today. Oh yeah, I'm back to taking pics on the bench. I really like the bench. it was an old porch swing seat we bought at a yard sale for $5 and then Crafty Papa mounted it on some stumps in our backyard. I think it was feeling lonely and unappreciated. And I'm attempting to learn to link the Etsy listing in the pic so click on it and see where it takes you.

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