Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just magic erasered all the doors in my house

And I was hoping one of you could stop by and tell me how nice they look. Or maybe just leave a comment here that says, "Damn, your doors are so white and clean, I can see them from Arkansas."

In addition to magic-ing the doors, I've cleaned the master bedroom which had a huge pile up of laundry and miscellaneous crap from the girls' room to be put away, both bathrooms, the girls' room which included vacuuming up millions of little beads before they caught me, my car, and then actually put away all of the items that were in the bags I dragged into the house from the car.

Now I'm cracking the whip on Bella to finish up a Christmas gift for Grandparents coming into town tomorrow and I still have to clean my office/craft room. It's disgusting in here. I have a headache and am highly irritable today but the cleaning must be done. Maybe I'll post a before pic so you can see just how bad it is. I need a diet pepsi. And some kahlua cupcakes. And a good movie on tv.


Marcia said...

You just described my day, it brought a smile to my face to see someone else was going through it too! BTW, craft rooms are supposed to be a mess, it's called a creative environment! LOL

jona said...

Oh it must be holiday fever because I am painting my baseboards (too filthy to merely erase unfortunately). I'm going to take a picture tomorrow!